nar·ra·tive de·sign
/ˈnerədiv dəˈzīn​​​​​​​/
1. The art or practice of designing a narrative plan for a visual outcome.
2. A story-based visual framework for brand strategy.

Our clients interact with us in person and through our Client Portal, which gives you access to all of your project communications in one place.

1. Initial Research - Exploring the Narrative
Your brand has a unique story.
We perform an in-depth evaluation of your business needs while creating a set of narrative guidelines and requirements for your design projects. This process is undertaken by our Principle Designer and requires collaboration and consultation with you, the client.
2. Design Proposal - Diving into the Narrative
Your unique story is your brand narrative.
Based on the requirements findings, your design proposal will include recommendations explicitly suited to your business, that addresses your business objectives and any additional research that may be needed to fully develop the narrative.
3. Creative Ideation - Visual Exploration
Your brand narrative has design outcomes.
Once you have approved your design proposal, we get to what we love most: creative ideation! This is a multidisciplinary process and frequently leads to additional recommendations.
4. Production - Creating the Narrative
Design outcomes inform production design, where your brand narrative comes to life. 
Using the outcomes from your brand narrative and the visual exploration, we create on-brand visual assets, websites, videos, and any other creative assets needed to support your brand narrative.

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