Chelsea Bell Eady is a multi-faceted design professional and educator focusing on narrative-driven inclusive design systems.
She works in digital, print, and analog mediums and specializes in developing your brand stories, print pieces, web design, and product design for an inclusive future. Chelsea lectures on designing for accessibility and professional practice in visual design at various educational institutions and teaches the next generation of designers at Capilano University's IDEA School of Design.
The 6 principles of Chelsea's practice are: 

•  collaborate and co-create 
•  improve the human condition 
•  develop multiple competencies 
•  listen reflectively & actively 
•  operate equitably 
•  experiment often ​​​​​​​
Alt text: A close-up headshot of a woman with fair skin and curly, shoulder-length blond hair. She is wearing large, black-rimmed glasses, which highlight her green eyes. She has a neutral expression with a slight smile, and she's looking directly at the camera. The background is light-colored and out of focus, emphasizing her as the subject. She is wearing a dark top and a necklace with purple beads.

Chelsea Bell Eady, designer, design educator, and is the principal designer at Inview Studio Inc.

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