Uppymama Babywearing Wrap Designs

Designs for textiles, babywearing wraps, and soft-structured baby carriers.

The Brief

Uppymama needed some fresh design perspectives for their new babywearing wrap lines. The market for handwoven babywearing wraps had become saturated with independent weaver creations, and Uppy needed to reinvent itself with a series of new designs to remain “highly sought after”.

The Process

uppymama judy babywearing wrap design

Uppymama Judy wrap design

Each wrap design started as an inspiration, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz for instance, the blue gingham and ruby slippers a hallmark of our hero’s journey represented as a colourful metaphor for becoming a parent in the silk-weft handwoven wrap called Uppymama Judy.

A package including the design along with instructions for thread colours, weft colours, and embellishments was sent to the weavers, and the production was underway.

Uppymama Projects