Self Promotion - la dame créative

A self promotional piece incorporating poster art on a wooden box with notepads inside.

le dame créative - Self Promotion Piece
Poster, notepad, wooden keepsake box
I am inspired by the founding fathers of modern graphic design, and created this as an homage to Jules Chéret. The characters were hand drawn, scanned, and painted in Photoshop. I also drew the letters in the titles using my wacom tablet in Illustrator to maintain that hand-rendered feeling.

I used a heat transfer process to place the image on the top of the wooden box and the wood burned effect on the back of the box, and protected it with a satin varnish.

The notepads inside feature monotones of various characters, and a creative statement is featured on the inside of the wooden lid, also applied with a heat transfer process.

***UPDATE: Regarding the use of the masculine 'créatif' over the feminine 'créative'; I am not a french speaker (as I am sure you can tell), and so relied on my imperfect understanding of french professions. For instance, since many French professions have only a masculine form, I might be 'un créatif' instead of 'une créative'... perhaps my limited highschool french was misguided.

After receiving an email from Nathalie Butsana regarding the interpretation of the masculine and the feminine, I have decided to rework this piece to reflect the feminine form - I will post it when it is done.
The original before the change from 'créatif' to 'créative'.
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